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Board Duties

Elected Officers

The duties of the Officers are outlined in the organizational Bylaws. The officers are elected annually.


The President presides at all meetings; appoints all committees; performs all other duties pertaining to the office; and shall be or shall appoint the official representative of the association.

Vice-President / President Elect (VP/PE)

The VP/PE will assist the President and in the absence of the President will perform all duties of the office. The VP/PE is the Chair of the Program Committee and coordinates arrangements and programs for meetings. The VP/PE will succeed the President.


The Secretary causes minutes of the meeting to be recorded; conducts correspondence as needed; and coordinates membership mailings as necessary. The Secretary shall maintain a file of all policies and procedures promulgated by the association.


The Treasurer collects dues, pays bills approved by the President, keeps an account of receipts and expenditures and submits a financial report at meetings.

Appointed Board Members

List Owner

Appointed by President.


Appointed by President.


Appointed by President.

Ad-Hoc Committees

Appointed by President.