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Program Summary

Hal began the program by introducing Paul Stonebridge, director of Teen services for Pasco County Library Systems. Paul also does special programming and events at the TBLC on Teen Services. He started off as a reference librarian and then transferred over to the Teen Services department. He has started programs in the Pasco County Library system for teens that include Battle of the Bands, Anime, Gaming Night, the teen advisory board, summer reading programs and “lock-ins”.

Paul gave some suggestions on attracting teens to the library programs. He says competition works very well with teens. He told the group to reach out to the local schools, get the attention of the YA crowd. Promote the programming with social networking like “myspace” and “facebook”.

Paul mentioned that the Teens are the users of the future –we need to engage and enlighten them. If we keep our teens interested in the library, they will come back after college and eventually bring their families back. Paul said he has a few students that write him from college letting him know their libraries are not as good as the one he runs, so we know Paul is impacting the lives of his patrons.

Paul told the group that Budget cuts don’t cut programs. Get your Friends of the library involved and the community. Think outside the book, ask for donations, and use resources. You have to think creatively to keep the library thriving. The library is a place to “entertain, educate and give to the public”. Paul’s enthusiasm for creative movements in the library definitely inspired the group.

SIS Meeting Information, April 14, 2010.

Program: "The Terrifying Reality of Teen Services." Terrified by teenagers? Petrified by pre-teens? Be scared no more! Or at least don't feel the need to hide under your desk whenever the subject of teen programming arises. Your fearless presenter, Paul Stonebridge, Teen Services Manager, Pasco County Library System, is here to guide you through the basics of teen programming. Through his careful ministrations you will learn how to justify teen programming,understand the basics of the teen mind, and discover creative (and sometimes inexpensive) ways to attract and entertain this elusive and frightening group.

When: Wednesday, April 14th (guests are always welcome)

Piccadilly Cafe
13702 Bruce B Downs Boulevard
Tampa, FL 33613-4605
(813) 971-2130

Time: 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM 

Food: Dutch Treat dinner.

RSVP: RSVP Online,  Even though an exact headcount isn't required since we will be ordering from the restaurant menu, it will be helpful for the planners to have an idea about how many people will be attending. For questions, contact Hal Harmon at

Directions: The restaurant is located across from University Community Hospital, near USF in Tampa.