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SIS 2015 Board Elections!

posted Aug 1, 2014, 9:55 AM by Megan O'Brien

Calling for nominees for officers of the Suncoast Information Specialists for 2015.  The Election Slate will be announced on Wednesday, October 1st and voting will be conducted online.  Results will be announced at the December meeting.    


Positions open for Election:


Vice-President/President-Elect (Jan 2015-Dec 2015)


Secretary (Jan 2015-Dec 2015) 


Treasurer (Jan 2015-Dec 2016, 2 year term)


Director (Jan 2015-Dec 2016, 2 year term)


The roles for each position include:


VICE PRESIDENT/PRESIDENT-ELECT (VP/PE): The VP/PE will assist the President and in the absence of the President will perform all duties of the office.  The VP/PE is the Chair of the Program Committee and coordinates arrangements and programs for meetings.  The VP/PE will succeed the President.


SECRETARY: The Secretary writes minutes from the meetings; conducts correspondence as needed; and coordinates membership mailings as necessary.  Secretary shall maintain a file of all policies and procedures promulgated by the association.


TREASURER: The Treasurer collects dues, pays bills approved by the President, keeps an account of receipts and expenditures and submits a financial report at meetings.


DIRECTOR:  Directors serve as voting members of the Executive Board and may be assigned to serve on specific committees.  Directors are responsible for communicating about organization activities and issues related to library service of all types with members.



If you are interested in filling one of these positions please contact Megan O’Brien at prior to September 27.  Please include a short BIO introducing yourself.


You will most certainly learn a lot by serving on the Executive Board of SIS.  Please consider tossing your hat in the ring.